As if I was ever rude…

December 7, 2009 at 3:25 am (Uncategorized)

Hello again… sexies…

So I wanted to say that im having a blast… soo many places to go and I have to sacrifice sleep… omg? Sleep wtf? Lol but its fun.

Im always amazed and its shocking to me that people talk about me and that most people know me. Yes… that’s a shock to me. Wtf? Lol I really want to have no one know me because that was easier then. You had the ticket of a newbie… scoping out the scene and trying to see which group would better fit you… which maybe new friends might welcome you into there circle…

Let me get this clear… im not trying or in anyway imposing that im somebody… or someone well known or someone bigger then I am. Im just me. Some people may get it twisted… and I get it. I understand… its easy when you read my posts and my blogs and hear about me and see me on websites… ok I get it… but if you truly knew me.. You know that im not pretentious.

I love meeting people and making friendships along the way. It saddens my heart that I hear all kinds of rumors… you know those nasty rumors that spread around like wild fire, and im sure you have heard some of the best of them… its just that though people… its only rumors.

So… im writing this while im in bed and im semi dozing… I just wanted to clear the air.

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