USPS Xmas No No!! lol

December 19, 2009 at 12:51 am (Uncategorized)

Right!?  ok, sexies here it is!

So, i had some christmas gifts to send out and i didnt know how to send them because i wanted to do this myself… Those of you who know me, know that i have never been to a Post office… but i know that thats where you go to send something out… so i had all these gifts wrapped and i had them sitting in a basket for easy carry. I am thinking that i would need a box and they could tape it up once im done weighing the box. easy as 123 right? Wrong! lol

silly me… well i didnt think i was silly… but thats what i was told. I arrive at the Post Office and walked into the place. O-M-G right? there was a long long long LOOOOOOONG line and people stared at me like, look at you! you are a fool to come and join us in this place. So i looked around… i seen all sorts of boxes and then i saw the flat rate boxes they advertise. I look at them and thought that even the biggest box wouldnt fit all my presents… I walked in a little further and saw that there was a line at this little desk where a worker was assisting people. She must have been annoyed from the beginning because i waited for about 5 minutes then it was my turn… I thought this was going to be easy… Finally!! Help is here.

She immediately turns to me and says “That station is closed!”, i was stunned so i said to her that i just have a question… Guess what she said to me?? you would never believe it!! She says… Everyone has questions and i needed to leave 10 minutes ago. WOW!!! lol If i wasnt the one needing help i would have loved it! so i told her assertively, If i take that box because thats the size i need, will that be ok? she told me i had to pay for it. that the boxes on the wall display are boxes for sale, the free ones are in red…

Well, there is a start, atleast i know how the organization is set up. However this didnt help me anybit. Ok so get this, there is only one line… and its looong! there is only 4 windows open, which i was told that i was lucky they had 4 windows open… and i needed to purchase a box to go put my gifts inside then wait back in line to send them?? WHAT??? thats like 4 hour wait and not to mention it was alread 4:30pm and Post Office closes… *side note: i wonder what happens to people at 5pm?

So i walk out of the place as if this was just a horrible nightmare and maybe, just maybe it will all go away and when i walk back in, everything is peaceful and not so disorderly with a long as line of frustrated, irritated people staring at the ceiling waiting for the line to move…

I walk back in… Right?? and nothing changed… Everything was the same as the first time… people hustling and staring at other people trying to easedrop on the other people who are conversating… CRAZYNESS!!! I was so hoping that there would be a worker there to assist me in collecting my presents and finding a box for me that will fit, weigh it then ship it… is it too much to ask?? i guess it is at the USPS! so i left…

I had too much of the atmosphere that the usps provided… so i was thinking… hmmm…. where the hell can i go to get my presents shipped… *Ding* i remembered… oh yea… there is a Postnet around the corner from my house… i will go there! they will be nice to me because no one is ever there when i pass by and im sure they could use the business lol.

So i drive up and there isnt a line… “phew” i just might be saved! i walk in and they must have seen the look i had on my face… a mixture of desperation and frustration written all over it. they greet me and i explained my situation. They loved me!! I brought the basket of gifts in and she helped pick out the right box and placed it all in so it fits… then she weighed it and told me what i need to do for it to be shipped and VOILA!!!! its on its way now. Would that be so hard to ask for or even expect from the Post Office??? Geeez!! 

so the lesson i learned is: 1. never wait to late to mail your gifts out, and 2. if i did wait too late, go to Postnet! they are better!


Hope you enjoyed my tragedy to get my gifts out…



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