Chances for Love.

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Oddly enough, a “friend” of mine is going through some tough spots in his relationship. Curious to say how many chances do you think a person deserves if you are in love with them?

Isnt it odd that you can throw someone away so easily without any hesitation if you are not in love with them… so after saying this. How many chances does a person get when you are in love with them? isnt this an odd question!

If you are in love with someone, its crazy to think how many chances you give that person. How many conversations and situations you go through and still come back to square one everytime you have a disagreement. Without going through details of any given or many problems… just think about this question. How many chances do you give a person that you are in love with?

Would you let this person cheat on you? would you let this person degrade you?

would you let this person ignore you? would you let this person hurt you with words?

would you go even as far as letting this person speak badly about your family? culture? dialect?

what is your breaking point? what would it take to get to a point where enough is enough. Would you start to wonder if its worth walking away when you invested all your time and energy into this person? Would you walk away if you are investing your time and money into material things with your loves one? Have you walked away already?

the many many chances for love…




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