9th day in Baraboo, Wi

June 9, 2010 at 2:44 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Today I woke up with determination. Thought I would take on the day however the day came to me. I sat up and got out of bed, I showered and headed into the closet. I picked out the most fabulous outfit I could find in my closet of filled colorful clothes.
I dressed myself and filled myself with confidence. Downtown to the square sounds great. I told myself I am headed to downtown. It was then that I got to my car and sat inside and knew I needed to fill it with gas. Turned th key and headed to the closest gas station. I stepped out and filled it up. I noticed everyone was smiling at me and so e were even whispering to eachother.
I got to downtown and headed offto a friend of mine’s shop. Walked in and yelled my grand good morning hello and waited for a response. Sure enough the response came and welcomed me into the shop. I sat down in my favorite seat and began to make good chit chat.
My friend asked where I was headed to so fancy dressed. I chuckled and said i was headed here and I felt fabulous today. He then chuckled also and told me… That’s right! Sparkle like glitter, darling! Sparkle like glitter.
That was a good statement.
I am going to tell everyone! Sparkle like Glitter and be heard! It’s starts with you!



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