Making it through the storms

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Can I just say when it rains… It surely does pour. Where should I even begin? Too much emotions and so many differences of feelings and opinions to even have a right side to this story. There is truly no right or wrong to the tragedies and episodes that occurred over the last two weeks. There is only the direction of choice that each person made to react and to handle what had occurred.
I knew my dearest aunty (Rosaline) was fighting lung cancer and recently her life ended shorter than planned. Withthis tragedy her daughter had the obligation to fly her cremated remains back to Hawaii. My parents went to be a part of this funeral occasion and just short of the funeral ceremony my mother suffered a major heart attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. Phone calls from all over the family members were going like wild fire. Let me just say that we have over 800 family members so could you imagine?!
My sister and I were hesitant on reaction and was forth back and forth on making a trip to Hawaii or not. At the last minute we had decide that this would be very crucial operation and my mother would need all the support possible. During operation times is when it’s the most crucial, anything can go wrong during this time and the possibilities are drastic. So we made the decision to head oh there to be with our mother for this operation.
Getting to Hawaii was crazy! A day and a half of travel including the 10 hour overnight layover in the departure ticket agents, so it was pretty scary because no one was there until 4am, not even security.
The minute I stepped off the plain it was non stop on the go. I went straight to the hospital to check the status of my mother. She was up and barely gurgling words out of her mouth. I could immediately tell she was happy to see me, my father and my aunty was there already. I stayed there almost all day and into the night. I did leave to get some r then went to my cousins house to stay there, btw I stayed here all of my trip. I love my cousin!
So it was basically ground hogs day everyday I was there. It was crazy. My mother got over 20 visitors a day no joke! I was amazed of the impact this caused and how far this traveled. Most family that I haven’t seen for years came by just to show love to her and support. My mother suffered a massive heart attack that lead to her needing a quadruple bypass surgery and a pacemaker to keep her alive not to mention the pills she has to take every day of her life now.
I also was able to attend the funeral of m late aunty Rosaline. She will be deeply missed by all of the family and by her dear friends in Mississippi. My cousin Kimberly is her only descendant.
To see my whole family come together and the spreading of my aunty’s ashes and all of the family drama just put to he side and ended was amazing. Life is too precious for over dramatic issues, very easily said but not often managed.
All I wanted to do was To be held by my lover the whole time. I wanted to be loved so much and to feel it being held it hurts. This was a trip like none other. So much happened, stressfulness, anxiety, restlessness and fear was very much present during this trip.

Deliver us from evil! Heal the weak! Humble the strong! Blessings to all!


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