My knight turned Dark

December 17, 2010 at 6:59 am (Uncategorized)

its been a lot. So I am now comfortable sharing this out loud. What truly happened when I arrived back from my family crisis was unthinkable. A whole mess I had to deal with coming back home. The day I arrived my partners family was at the house. They have made it a habit to come up every month for 2 weeks at a time. With all that I was going through, all I wanted to do is spend some “alone” time with my partner/husband. I was so distraught and stressed out, I needed this time. I lost my aunty and almost lost my mom and when I came back home you would never guest what was to come.
I asked for alone time with him and he told me I was acting ridiculous and that everyone has heart attacks and I need to get over it. He also told me that my whole family and I are just carrying on as if my mother had died and that he never wants to hear another word about it. After he had said this he added that I owe his family an apology for wanting alone time with him. He walked out of the room and left to spend time with his family at the water park. I over heard his grandma making jokes about heart attacks and having to listen to them laughing about it.
WOW! Really?! How evil!
So I played along. I just wanted my husband so I called the family, left a message and apologized. That night my husband said that wasn’t good enough. So the next morning I woke up early and went to Mcdonald’s while everyone was sleeping and bought breakfast for everyone with a note saying I was sorry. I came home that night only to hear that wasn’t good enough. Meanwhile no one was talking to me even when I was trying to make conversation.
So after hearing that this two attempts wasn’t good enough, I had enough. I told him I wasn’t going to keep on apologizing that I was the one who is going through this and I didn’t need to be faced with this at home. Well after a week he told me that he couldn’t be with someone who didn’t love his family! Really?? Again!? After all this time I had put up with his snotty attitude about how my family was so beneath his family and that my family and I have a different culture and dialect so that makes us ignorant and how my family is sooo poor. Wow!! I put up with this only to have him say that he couldn’t be with me because I didn’t love his family?! Does anyone out there get this?
So after he tells me this, I agree. We both threw in the towel and called it quits… he gets on the phone and in less than 4 hours guess who is back? His family. I don’t know why or what for. I didn’t marry his family, I just married him. All they did was camp out in the living room and stare at me. So awkward. So he told me he was moving out and how I couldn’t afford that place if he moved out… blah blah blah… so I started looking for a place and found a great place to live. Two bedrooms… three story plus yard and garage. Loves it! So I decided I would wait for the family to leave so I can have a peaceful departure. No, they started leaving one family member behind to baby him at all times. So I had no choice. I went to the police station and let them know all what happened and showed them receipts of what I paid for and what im taking. I asked for a police escort just incase. I went to the house and began moving my stuff… the grandma was there and started raising a fit and started yelling and saying how everything is all her grandsons and I had nothing… I told her that she was falsely mistaken. I am only moving my own crap that was mine prior to him or what was mine that I purchased. She kept getting in my way and pushing me and trying to rip items out of my hands… even as the cop was telling her to stay out of my way because she doesn’t live there and it would be a civil case that her grandson needs to file but it would be pointless because I had already shown him the receipts for everything. Well she still didn’t listen… I was trying to carry an item out of the door when she shut the door on me and stood in my way while pushing me back… all I did was reach around her and open the door… and she dramatically acted as if I pushed her when everyone saw that she was totally faking the situation. She started yelling that I man-handled her and I pushed her but everyone knew because everyone seen that she was lying even the policeman told her she needs to stay out of my way.

So I ended up getting most of my items out of the house with help from a great friend and now living in my new house with my things.

Can you believe this happened?


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