Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1

March 19, 2012 at 4:17 am (Uncategorized)

Hello World, or isnt that how wordpress greets people. Lol

So, i know its been a few since the last post and this time i wanted to add a few reviews to my blogs now. So here is my first.

Its kind of a two for one to start things off. I had spent literally so many months doing my research in deciding on what tablet would be the right one for me and which one i would be able to rely upon in doing the things i would need in my daily functions. I researched the ipad. I have researched the acer. And i have researched the Samsung Galaxy tab. All are good choices some even great. All offers pretty much the same delivery but with different frrunctionalities and features.

The reason i did not go with the ipad- clearly because i did not own anything apple besides my itouch, but even my itouch wasnt getting much use since my new sidekick 4g. Ipad is great and i highly recommend the ipad if you are an apple user. Plain and simple that was the only reason why i didnt grab an ipad.

Acer- great choice, not that much name dropping and its always advertised at walmart. Pretty cool features and i really liked how it had a usb port and sd card slot among other things but didnt quite wow me. Although, i would have purchased this tablet just on price factor.

Now the moment i am waiting to talk about- the Galaxy tab. First, i wasnt much into Samsung before 2011. Being introduced to Samsung is somewhere along the lines of getting the first keys to your very ownb car. Pretty exciting right? I thought so. I have come to learn, especially when they partnered with Tmobile to create the new SDK4G that Samsung was a reliable and trustworthy not to mention one of the most powerhouse technology forward driven companies known around the world. While exploring the possibilities that Samsung provides within their creations, i fell in love. Using my SDK4G is a blast and especially using the media hub and understanding that movies and tv shows that i purchase can transcend to future samsung phones and electronics made by them is awesome. I had found that they spend some great time and consideration in easy mobility and accessibility.

So because of the fact that i am now using a Samsung made SDK4G i will admit this played a lot of reasons why i went with purchasing the Galaxy tab 10.1 beccause upon research i had found that Samsung, just the same as in the iphone family, has made it very possible that everything you do on one device is made readily available on the otheer devices within the samsung family. I researched so much that i am now a believer that mini sd storage cards will be a thing of the past with all the cloud drives coming up. Almost every company and a few other options made accessible allows for cloud storage. So with this in mind, i know that the sd cards wasnt a need. Usb was a cool option that acer had made but it still wasnt a killjoy for me because Samsung made an additional usb accessory for purchase. I would have loved to see a usb option on the tablet but i can see why it wouldnt be needed. I also predict that there might be a future in external storage that would be accessible with some sort of wireless feature- but thats for another post. I do have a bluetooth keyboard that i use with the tablet and i can truly say that this is my best tool to use with the tablet. I can say that the base keyboard setup on the tablet is my least liked feature because it is slow to register what you type on the tablet itself, when i use the bluetooth external keyboard, it recognizes every button immediately upon pressing the button. I absolutely love my external keyboard. I highly recommend an external keybaord for anyone who does a lot of typing. I would love to see a full num key pad keyboard in the future and im in heaven.

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet offers so much… And its upgradeable to icecream sandwich. I am not going into the specs because i dont want to sound repetative to other blogs and spec reviews. I am just going to say that you must have this tablet, if you are in the tablet market. Dont settle for anything else or for anything less expensive… Definitely go the extra days to save the extra money and make this purchase for the tablet- you will not be sorry or dissappointed.

I am in love with the samsung products that i am now considering getting a samsung tv and this might be a little extreme but i am also contemplating on purchasing a samsung laptop… But im not ssure if i could do that to HP. Any thoughts anyone between samsung laptop and hp laptop?

More research for me… Lol


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