Similar Song- ya think?

April 7, 2012 at 3:49 am (Uncategorized)

Ok so as i was checking out the new songs on Itunes, i came across the new song that Aubrey O’day has released. I started listening to it and thought hey, its a good song and hmmm… the beat sounds familiar. I kept listening to the beat and guess what popped into my head- obviously this sounded like the same background beat from Bottle pop by the Pussycat dolls… not that i am accusig anyone or critizising- rather i just want to put it out there that its awfully the same just a little fine tuned… check it out, what do you guys think?

Bottle Pop – PussyCat Dolls

Automatic – Aubrey O’Day

Maybe i am late in the game but still thought this was obviously almost the same song different lyrics.


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