How to find your sexyness!

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Summer is here!! 2012!

Do you have your sexy body ready for summer? I got news for you- you dont need abs or a hot body to feel sexy for the summer or even feel sexy all the time.

You ever wonder when sexy people pass you by and you just smile at them wanting to know their secret… but desperately burning inside because of the whole situation.

There are so many things that you can do to start feeling sexy. i will start with the obvious things like, take up a physically active hobby, get involved with your local community groups and charities.


To physically feel sexy, is to keep your body active. Running, jogging, or even power walking- hell even a brisk walking around the block is a start. Getting your body to have oxygen flow from your head to your toes keeps you feeling great and generates endorphines in your body. Endorphines are a natural pain killer and gets you in a great mood for the remainder of the day.

Exercising makes you feel sexy anytime of the day. The best is in the morning to excercise but you can find the best time for you just by starting all together. Exercising reduces stress levels and can also boost your self esteem!

When your self esteem gets boosted- this is when you are in your sexyness! Sexyness is how you feel and how that feeling is portrayed to others. By feeling sexy- you unleash an undetected smell of happiness that is irresistable to others regardless of your size- Sexyness is an attitude that stems from you feeling sexy. Take pictures of yourself- play with your facial expressions in the mirror and take random photos of your facial expressions. By doing so, you will see how others may see you and it also gives you more of a control of feeling sexy!

Check out articles on exercise and benefits they can do for you… I dont mean you have to start working out for those of you who do not want to work out but just the occasional walking or even running a few times is a great start!

Good luck! i know i feel my sexyness!


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  1. TheFirstWriter said,

    Also it is a common myth to exercise on an empty stomach. Don’t do that! it burns both fat and muscle, on a full stomach it simply burns fat :). I’ve also found a lot of inspiration in doing chin ups as I find it crazy being able to lift my body weight, I still find it strange.
    Enjoy summer! 🙂

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