Holidays, Holidays

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Uh-Oh- Winter is here and that just means one thing. The Holidays are here as well.

I absolutely love this time of the year- smoked wood in the air, a bit of chill when the wind blows and all the town is hustling and bustling with pre-plans on how they are spending their holidays. What is your plans for these days or are you still making them? as for me… i am still making them haha! i know im a bit behind but hey, cant blame me with everything i’ve got going on… but im loving it… i cant wait for the company of good friends and good spirits.

Thanksgiving- per say will be fun. I got the turkey pre-ordered fresh from the farm. Thats going to be fun- we all remember the first time i cooked a turkey lol, I did not know that some of the things were in a turkey… gross- but sooo yummy! I am having a few close friends share the love with me on this day and of course my baby boo! xoxo -dont worry i will post pics.

Christmas Day- is going to be romantic with aroma filling the air of a real tree in the living room and a fake one somewhere else in the house. I want lots of decorations all around the house and for the outside front, maybe back of the house too. I will be trying to attempt cooking some of the recipes of Eats-n-treats by Kate which you can as well right here let me know your thoughts of them. I will do the same.

Of course pictures will be taken all through-out and you can view them on several sites. You know there is a site or app for everything now a days. Blessings to you all!




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