Does Freedom of Speech have a privacy act?

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Just stating my views on this: not looking for a debate.

We are all too familiar with the now common post on almost everyone’s page with their social media profiles stating to stay out of their business or that if you dont have anything good to say then just delete my page or something along those lines and i know you get what i am trying to say here.

Lets go back to when you first create an account on any social media website- this is a public site thus the word social and the second word media- this clearly states that you will be sharing all of your thoughts, video clips and pictures out into the great beyond of the internet world and accessible to any and everyone that may stumble upon it let alone “friend” you on it.

I get that people get upset if they don’t want to hear what they were intending to get across or feedback to their expression. Here is the deal: just as you don’t want “them” to post negative feedback, you – yourself shouldn’t post anything that you might not want to hear feedback from. Simple. I find it comical about this. I laugh about it all the time. I know that if i don’t want to hear negative feedback let alone the good feedback that i am hoping to get then i don’t post it at all. I grab a phone (remember the phone, its the nowaday tool we use to text/sext/video on) and chat with someone(s) privately. The good old fashion drama where people actually had to form a phone a friend tree line and then the drama got bigger and bigger each time someone told the store. That was a reason to get mad.

But- This social media websites and the people who react on them are truthfully downright rediculous- on both sides! i said it for you! you are welcome.

Even i take a risk on good and bad responses. I am cool with both and will still continue to be “me” regardless on what is to happen. Hakuna Matata! And that’s the Dish (and i’m gonna keep serving them up hot and fresh!)! 

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