The art of Manipulating Fear

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You ever notice that Fear has a huge effect on everyone. Fear determines a lot of your choices even when we are unaware that it does. It effects us all in our own ways- and for some examples- with people who want to travel but don’t, who want to get a new job but fear of starting over and most importantly of Fear for someone to meet new people.

I have been fearful for some of my life- i say some because i have learned to enjoy fear. Enjoy it you say? yes, enjoy it. I appreciate that i can fear the unknown and want to naturally be fearful of the choices that i have to make but i also have learned to manipulate fear. What i am truly saying in a nutshell is that you wouldn’t normally go down a road you don’t know but you would go down a road you have been through before comfortably. Much like the choices we face in life all the time.

People determine their choices based on the familiarity and comfort drawn from their own experiences and may not go with the uncertain or sadly wont budge at all. To learn to manipulate fear is to first understand that things may not work out the exact way you want it to but that there will always be another choice to make after the first initial choice made. Follow me so far?

Good. if you don’t- please re-read that sentence over until it clicks in your head. And it will. Channel your adventurous side and know that anything is possible and nothing is certain but in the end everything will end up okay. Fear can be a game of some sort. Something like how golf is a game with other people but mostly a game for yourself… very similar.

After a bit of practice in turning fear into a game- you will want to do it all the time and then start to notice that you are less and less fearful of most choices. Que Sera Sera- What will be, will be!

Don’t be stuck not having fun or become left out of finding something new or learning something different. Life is beautiful and amazingly full of choices. Choices that changes you and challenges you to become a better person.

Be who you are and be all of you, don’t hold back and make lots and lots of choices!

Learn then grow!





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