Trust vs Honesty

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Hello Spicekateers-

I realized as I am writing this that I haven’t wrote in a bit so please don’t hate me. I got to pondering a situation.

Trust vs. Honesty.

Now, naturally they work hand in hand correct? now, parse that someone has broken your trust in the beginning of a relationship and during your moment of forgiveness has trusted that individual not to repeat the mistake on a mutual agreement. The individual in due time does in fact repeat the mistake on a very similar level. Is there a specific amount of time that should go by for it to start over again or is it always going to remain. For example- say its been a difference of 7 months between mistakes, are you in the right to bring it up again and hold it as an example because your feelings recalls that situation back into play, or was it suppose to be forgotten as this acts as the first mistake from that individual again and is suppose to be treated as such? where would the line be?

Does that individual that made the same mistake twice have a right to say that its been a while so you aren’t able to recall that again and that enough time has past for the other person to trust that individual. Here is another question- what determines enough time?

If the individual who has made that mistake say that there has been enough time gone by, are they in the right to make that statement. But, if they are in the right- wouldn’t it be fair enough to say that the individual who has made that mistake violated the honesty part towards their partner to not remain open and honest, so to avoid a mistake all together?

I am very interested in hearing feedback.





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