Happy 4th

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Me Relaxing

Happy 4th of July everyone.  Wish you all a safe and fun time.  You know the cops will be out full force. I also realize that it has been a bit since I last wrote.

I’ve had the best past 3 years ever. After my divorce I was just living to make a living. And after 2 years from walking away from my marriage I met a wonderfully sane, down to earth guy. He is level headed for the both of us and we get along swimmingly (yes, swimmingly, lol). I went to see him in Orlando Florida and our first date was Disney World.  Oh yes, girl we sure did. #bishwet but seriously he moved in with me after a few months of Skype dating. We couldn’t be any happier.

Of course we had our issues but I call them settling in to what will become our normal and comfortable atmosphere.  It’s so true too, because he knows me at my best and at my worst and vice versa and we are comfortable. 

Love him. Very much. #loveislove

Ok so now that I have officially bored you guys with this mushyness. I will bid adieu for now and expect me to start writing more once again.

Love you guys! #spicekateers


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