2014 and The World is still not ready?

July 9, 2014 at 5:22 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Ok bitches- like seriously!

It is 2 thousand mother fuckin’ 14 and there is still hatred- killing and bashing going on!! when are the parents of yesterday going to wake up to prepare the children for today. granted their has been changes but the bar hasn’t moved drastically yet. If we cant learn to accept differences- and I mean the full spectrum, then how are we ever going to move towards important matters like how to live longer or regenerate the earth so that fewer animals have to die.

We keep putting more and more toxins in the air (we breathe)! We also keep destroying Earths natural protective shields (trees, plants and animals that are food sources, without thinking about replenishments). Don’t get me wrong there are a good group of humanity that are out there fighting this cause but as we are moving forward, we still have the same issues resurfacing over and over again that grabs our attention and keeps it at the forefront and its seriously UNECESSARY!

Some places of the world humanity cant even get passed skin color still!!!! Now its a sex issue. Religion has a huge fight into it. At the end of the day, I mean come on- are you that stressed out on who (someone you don’t even know) lays in bed with? if it seriously bothers you that much – you have bigger inner demons and unfortunately lack the attention span you need to focus on your own family. Adults of yesterday really need to all take a huge accountability on the fact that we failed in our responsibilities to make sure the children for tomorrow was taught to love everyone equally and help each other, not destroy each other.

It saddens my heart to know we haven’t made a huge progress. Think about it- we have a space station and we are about to colonize another planet soon- like Hello! we are about to encounter other worldly beings and some point soon. Its time to start accepting ourselves before we can even accept other beings.

Half the time- I just want to yell GROW UP!!! Bad news is that we are way behind in getting Humanity in check- however the Good News is that we are still not too late- lets work on this. teach our kids love and equality, instead of judgments and hatred.


I say all of this with love in mind!





#spicekateers #allaroundtheworld #loveislove #lifeisgood #gay #supportlgbt #lgbtpride #gaylife #equality #noh8


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