To Be – Or Not To Be… Taken!

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So the age old story about how no one is interested in you until you are in a relationship already could almost be proven true. The Questions is whether you are happy being kept or are you looking to gamble away your status!

You hear it all the time- Why are you single? you are such a catch! But what we all fail to realize is that whenever we are single we are so wrapped up in ourselves and what we want at that very moment that we don’t give any fuck to the thought of welcoming in another person for longer then that night, maybe that week if it was good enough. Single life is a very fun life and at times the downside is not having that bonded partner to share moments with- but with best friends around who needs a partner… right?? Actually you live longer and become healthier when you are with a partner. Doesn’t that sound crazy? but its very true.

Kept guys are happier- healthier and become more mature as the relationship grows. So naturally, People in relationships presume to look more desirable. Single people secretly are attracted to those qualities and would want, they just don’t know it. Here is the twist to this, Whenever a single person becomes Kept and then loses that status over time- they know how it feels to be kept and so its hard for them to develop that relationship all over again when most of the time its only natural to go into kept mode again. The trouble comes along when one single person never experienced being kept and the other has.

So I guess it boils down the fact if you are happy being kept- or not happy and are looking to gamble your status and risk throwing it all away. Ultimately creating Drama.

Feedback on this is appreciated and I look forward to this- let me know your thoughts!


Spice xoxo


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