July 10, 2015 at 10:14 am (Uncategorized)

I am not even sure if that is even a word or if its something i made up.

So much have happened in the last 2 years. so much goals i had laid out for me but somehow i managed to dodge them and gain new directions. nothing i have set out to do i actually accomplished. life is so unpredictable even if you try to plan it.

As i lay here in bed at 3am finding it hard to fall asleep i am just thoughtless with my thoughts… my mind wandering around saying what the hell am i doing right now. i should have had a business up and running successfully, i should have paid off and owned my car by now and working on house shopping… and it just all seems so far away at this point. I guess we all get to ground zero periodically. I am not saying i haven’t been successful in most things, because i have. Just- not the level i had thought i would be at. I am definitely thankful for everything i have been through because i have learned from many things. I just wish that at some point some higher being would come down and say, just kidding here is what you are really suppose to be doing.

I know i am taking a few steps back just to be able to leap forward again- i am just impatient. This is just a pointless blog to air out my head lol. you see, i made a funny! even if i am the only one laughing at that!

goodnight bloggers and readers.


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