Smart Phones or Phablets

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Hello loves,

As we are climbing out of the trenches of the Apple and Samsung war it seems they have somewhat made amends. However as a consumer we can definitely feel the agreements within their creations. let me explain:

Apple was an amazing forward thrusting innovative company from the time of its conception up unto Steve Jobs passed away (October 5, 2011 rip). Do not get me wrong Tim cook isn’t doing a bad job either but he makes a better business man than a forward thinker/creator. Apple was still many steps behind when Samsung was making what Apple created better.

There is no denying that in the beginning Samsung took what Apple was doing and built from it to the point where Apple fans was lying to themselves to feel satisfied with their operating system (I will speak more on this later with compliments). Samsung of course with Touchwiz wasn’t a smooth operation in the beginning and still today feels a bit heavy when using the operating system but there is no denying the fact that it went beyond what an Iphone was capable of.

Samsung released the S line and the Note line, both flagships. Apple had the Iphone. We all remember the presentations and how sketchy the Apple presentations came to be and Samsung making fun of them, as a comparison Samsung makes better presentations. I wont bore you with the through the years information so fast forward to now (2015) and we arrive to the newest additions. Apple has just released last September the Iphone 6 and 6 plus now excepting and embracing the fact that people want bigger phones as Samsung just released the Note 5 and S6 Edge +.iphone6-2macnn(iphone 6 and 6 plus) and Samsung-Galaxy-S6-edge-vs-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4-04 phonearena(Note 5 and S6 Edge+) Note 5 and S6Edge+ both are non removable back and a preset of storage space with no SDCard option resulting to only cloud storage)

If you read between the lines assuming that i am correct in this direction- We will begin to see the decline of the Note series as Samsung looks like they are killing off the Note Flagship line. We all know that the Iphone never had an SDCard to maximize storage space and only came with a preset of storage space options. The Note line was an amazing powerhouse of impactful multitasking capabilities all while still providing some outrageous storage capacity given the option of SDCard.

The Note 4 marks the true last powerhouse storage expandable multitasking Phablet to date. You are capable of maximizing to 128GB Storage space while still having a removable back to switch out batteries if you are in areas of incapable of wall unit charging (which is 50% charge in 30 minutes)


So i predict a that Samsung is killing the Note flagship line with the features of the newly released Note 5 which takes second fiddle to the S series flagship S6Edge+. They spoken more about the S series and left Note 5 to the wolves. People will still buy the Note 5 but without some of the beloved capabilities you will see that they wont be able to meet sales quota and thus will equal the decline or (retirement) of the Note series and this will force Samsung to kill or create a new direction for the Notes.

This is where Apple now has the chance to reclaim what they once lost- Innovation. Since Samsung went with no SDCard and preset Storage space there should be no reason why people wont go to the Apple. Apple has been the slow and steady reliable and dependable company offering the operating system thats been strong and familiar with simple and easy comfort for anyone to learn. Lots of integration makes transferring and keeping documents shareable and easy for cross-platform Apple products and cloud services.

Apple has yet to announce what they have ben cooking up with their IPhone 6s and surprisingly i cant wait for it. I hope they wont be a let down because this is prime opportunity for them to capitalize and lead the way once again as Samsung seem to have slowed it down a bit (maybe 1 too many lawsuits or perhaps the many and vast array of smartphones and tablets). Think about this- Samsung has made an onslaught of many economical smart phones and tablets where Apple has just released not even a handful.

I am still a fanboy of Samsung but Apple has truly won a piece of my heart.

The future is here. Here is now. Now is innovation.

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