Boston, MA

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First of all… I love Boston.

We did Boston on foot and by Subway.

It is an amazing city full of life and activities. MY first impression was – WOW! This city is alive, now of course, i am comparing this city to the ones up north specifically against New Hampshire. Side Note: There is activity in New Hampshire as well, just not on this level.

First stop was the Museum of Science. We spent a good amount of time here (Which is easy to do, so plan a bare minimum of 2 hours if not a half a day here). Great place to take a Ducks Tour, interact with people from all over the place, learn about cool and awesome history and inventions (also some cool discoveries). You can watch 3d Vids in the Omni theater they have. The only thing that is a bummer is that the Cafe’ seres only coffee and beverages and the actually food place doesn’t open until 11am. This is a bummer if you are an early visitor and want to grab some breakfast before heading to your next stop.

Heading to our next stop, we crossed a road that had a bridge raised for a boat to pass. As someone who doesn’t usually see this almost ever, It was really cool to see in person. #Pokemongo players will love Boston. There was 1 or more #Pokestop almost on every corner with tons of #pokemon ready to be caught. I cant believe how massive the Pokemon took over the world.

We traveled over to the Aquarium. Had a blast here, as it is also next to tons of dining options, drinking spots and just general crowd watching. Let me tell you that at any given time there was always a crowd. People are generally friendly and willing to offer information if you need further directions. Boston accent is pretty fun to hear.

As we made our way into the Aquarium (Which i suggest buying tickets online first- it will save you a lot of time), You get to see Seals swimming around in the outside tank. Once in, you immediately are ushered into two ways- one to the cafe (upstairs) or proceed into the beginning of the Aquarium, which at first they prompt you to take a picture in front of a green screen, so that you can purchase your digitally enhanced photo as you are leaving the entire experience.

I really will say that this is an amazing place. If you are a visitor to Boston, i will urge anyone to make this a destination “Must See”. I did not watch any of their videos in their theater- which is an experience all together (you pay extra for this). I did visit the touch tank for Sting ray’s and Sharks. Fun!!

See pictures for more of what we seen.

After the Aquarium, we took advantage of a boat tour. This is where they take you out on the ocean and cruise the coast line of Boston and you can listen to a live Audio of fun facts and little jokes. The boat cruise was very relaxing and a great overall experience. The boat offers a bar onboard and indoor or on the upper deck to walk around if you wish.

After the boat cruise, we travelled to the Prudential tower so we can observe the entire city experiencing the Sky Walk. Gorgeous view overlooking the ocean, rivers and historic buildings. Funny enough there was a Red Sox game going on at Fenway Park, and we were able to see the stadium full.

I would definitely visit again. There are much more places and destination spots in Boston that we were unable to visit because there wasn’t enough time. You can certainly do Boston in a day, however i would recommend a few days to experience a good portion of the city. There is truly tons to do here.



Much Love,





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