2011 highlights of my life

December 22, 2011 at 10:03 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Hello Everyone,

Its been a while since I actually sat and wrote something but I promise now I will start to write more often. As the warmth of Christmas is nigh, there are many things that i start to reflect back on.

One definite highlight is that the finalized divorce papers came through on Valentines Day. Which now gives me another reason to dislike “the love day”. Im happy with the choice that was made by both parties because I feel more free and able to make my own decisions without the “strong” influences of the other party. I can actually do what I want and be happy without hearing any negative feedback of what I wanted to do or feel bombarded with outside guests constantly invading, during those moments, our “special times” and or space. Being that I am divorced now, led me to new, exciting and sometimes challenging experience which I absolutely loved.

I met new friends, each with their own individuality that is simply great! I treasure that. I am now in connection with my deep rooted friends, mainly and mostly over the phone but some of my friends that are back in Las Vegas cams with me via skype or Qik. My mom is continuing to see lots of doctors and being monitored closely, but the main thing is she is active and able to move around and do things. I love my mom. She is my amazing breath of life. The rest of the family is all good, so far. ha!

My career has been nothing but life in the fast lane which is amazing to me. I am truly pleased that I was selected for what it is that I am doing. I am immensely proud of myself for taking a rpoject and making it a sustainable part of the company and creating job oppurtunities where before there was none. I am being sent on trips to meet and greet for materials/merchandise needed and I get to design them. There are so many opinions and influences but at the end of the day there is left with only one decision, and thats mine. I love it.

This very moment in time, I can say I love my life. Here is the dilemma= everything is all in pieces spread across the nation. I dont have a whole piece. Meaning, my work life is in one place, my friends and family are in another place. This is very difficult to handle but i struggle with this every morning a wake up to take on another day. With this, I do know just how much I am loved and appreciated. I love you guys right back!

I bought a horse. Yes, I did! So many of my close friend sand family was shocked and puzzled as to why i did it. First, I never owned a horse before, I love animals and out here, its something you can own without being looked at funny.

but for now, Christmas is right around the corner…

Talk to you all soon,

xoxo  ~Spice~


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